You are currently viewing Printer Toner, Ink Spills: 4 Household Items You Didn’t Know Can Get It Off Your Hands Effectively

Printer Toner, Ink Spills: 4 Household Items You Didn’t Know Can Get It Off Your Hands Effectively

4 Household Items You Didn’t Know Can Get It Off Your Hands Effectively

It’s way past your bedtime and you’re caught changing your cartridge and suddenly it spills. You got the ink all over your hands. In fact, it is all over you that you thought it was impossible to take it off and you are still to finish the printing before daybreak. Now, you are filled with panic. What are you to do with the situation? What do you deal with first – the ink on your hands or the printing that needs to be done?

When you’re overwhelmed with so many things that need your attention, it can be quite impossible not to panic when you’ve got your hands full. Is there something else that you can do?

There’s a lot of reason to panic, but you shouldn’t. With enough knowledge to get the ink removed and a little more patience to rub it off, you can get both tasks done before you lose more sleep than you already have. Knowing the right things to have when this ever happens to you should make things easy. What do you need then?

Tea Tree Oil – this may sound like something everyone has in their pantry, but it is not.

However, when you know how much it helps remove the ink stains on your hands, you will surely want to keep bottles of it at home and in the office. Put a few drops of it in a clean white cloth and apply on the affected area. Slowly scrub and watch this oil work wonders. In the beginning, it might seem as if it is only getting very little off, but it is a good start. It may not take off everything all at once but you can always re-do the process until all the ink has been removed. Be prepared for the strong scent that it comes with. Make sure the area is well-ventilated not because it could harm you, but because the smell might be too strong you might not like it.

Alcohol – this is not the one that you drink to calm the nerves.

You usually see this type of alcohol practically everywhere – in the house or in the office. Everyone keeps their own bottle of rubbing alcohol because being clean gives them a sense of comfort. Simply put some of it on the area where the ink is and scrub gently. Slowly the ink will take off. Repeat until all of it is removed. Be sure to put on lotion after to keep your skin from being dry.

Glass cleaner – whoever thought the glass cleaner is just for cleaning glass must not have tried getting ink on their hands.

The key to using the glass cleaner is to get it on your hands before the ink dries up. If the ink has dried up, this type of cleaner won’t be of good use. You would have to think of another way to getting the ink off your hands and clothes.

Baby Oil – this shouldn’t come as a surprise as baby oil is used for so many different things other than what it has been made for.

The texture of the oil on your skin with the ink should help remove the ink and leave your hands feeling soft like that of a baby. This is the most common ink remover option because of how it comfortably leaves the skin.

Which one of these remedies should you try? Copier Lease Atlanta experts say go with whichever you are comfortable trying.

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