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Should I Purchase or Lease an Office Copier: Which is Best?

If you are on the lookout for the best office copier in the market, you have many options. Suppose you have located the ideal business copier and are eager to put it to work and buy them. It will increase the productivity and efficiency of your office, helping you to achieve your business objectives. The only problem is you are torn about whether to buy or lease an office copier

Both leasing and purchasing an office copier have advantages and disadvantages. Your decision will fall on your office’s needs, requirements, and what works best. If you are still undecided, this article will help you. We will list the top reasons for what method you should use and differentiate them both!

What Are The Differences Between Purchasing and Leasing A Copier For An Office?

The most significant distinction between purchasing and leasing an office copier is the financial expenditure. When you choose to buy a copier, you need to pay for its costs upfront. However, when you decide on leasing, you will only pay for the right to use the copier at the time stated in the contract. 

There is also a significant difference in how you acquire them. When you choose to purchase these copiers, you will get to own them and may do whatever you want. You will shoulder all the cost, materials, repair, and other things that come along with it. However, leasing allows you to use the copier for some time to explore and lease other new copiers. 

The Advantage of Purchasing An Office Copier

There are many reasons why it’s best to purchase an office copier rather than lease, such as:

  • The purchase Process Is Easy

When you choose to buy the office a copier, you can go to the stores, retailers, or manufacturers, then go out and purchase it. There is no paperwork required and any up-to-date financial information.

  • Have The Freedom To Use It As You Want

Because you buy the office copier, the owner is solely yours, and you have all the reasons to use them. You are free to do so for whatever purpose, putting them in your workplace or using them in your home office. 

  • You Have The Final Say For Upkeeping Them

You have the freedom to arrange the steps and ways to maintain your office copier. This method is less expensive than leasing since leasing frequently requires you to keep the equipment according to the leasing company’s specifications. 

The Disadvantage of Purchasing An Office Copier

  • Its Value Depreciated Over Time

The first time you buy them, you need to pay a large sum of money. And as time passes by, your office copier will decrease its value. It implies that even when you sell your copier, they will not cost as much as when you bought them. 

  • Use The Copier For A Long Time

New copiers are released every time and every year. As a result, you’ll eventually be left with an obsolete copier that you’ll have to donate, sell, or recycle.

The Advantage of Leasing An Office Copier

  • Simple To Upgrade

Once the leasing contract is over, you can upgrade to a new copier. You can keep your monthly payment the same while upgrading your equipment. 

  • Monthly Expenses

When it comes to leasing copiers, you have a fixed monthly expense which helps you manage more efficiently.

  • No Deposit Required

Because you have to pay monthly, there is no deposit required. You can get new equipment without depleting your cash reserves.

The Disadvantage of Leasing An Office Copier

  • Cost More In The Long Run

Leasing costs more in the long run. You have to pay monthly, and there are taxes applied too.

  • Continue To Pay

Even if you don’t need the copier anymore, you still need to pay for it until the contract ends. 


Leasing is more common these days than purchasing; both are valid options. We can help you decide which one is best for your company in our business. Allow us to assist your company in continuing to develop and succeed.

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