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How to Improve The Security of your Printers & Copiers

Printers and copiers are often left unguarded by most businesses, organizations and owners. They may have no idea of the risks associated with having a machine that is not secure. Securing your computer and overall network is a must. The truth is, these machines are considered a lower priority and that is exactly what cybercriminals hope for.

Printing copiers can act as a major entryway for cyber criminals to infiltrate your computer system and obtain confidential information stored in your network. To help you with this, Clear Choice Technical Services has listed 5 ways to protect your printer copier from data breaches. Read this article to learn security solutions you may need to apply.

Securing Location

Keep your office equipment off-limits to the general public 

Consider investing in stronger security measures if your business deals with confidential documents. Have security guards and cameras on duty when the office is unoccupied during nights and weekends to avoid security violations. 

Data Encryption

All of the data you process through a copier and printer is stored in the storage or hard drives. These hard drives are physically open to the risk of being stolen. By encrypting your hard drives, you are adding another layer of protection, preventing your data from being breached and compromised.

Modern copiers typically feature password protection on their hard drive BIOS, making it impossible for unauthorized individuals to access the stored information, even if they obtain the hard drive, thanks to the alphanumeric password.

How to Improve The Security of your Printers & Copiers

Regularly update printer software

Multifunction printers are often connected to a network containing confidential information and data. This information is what hackers are looking for. Updating your printer and copier software protects you from known vulnerabilities and prevents malicious activities.

Regular device monitoring and auditing are crucial for detecting suspicious activity or unauthorized access attempts. Regularly updating security policies and procedures based on industry best practices is also important.

Disable Printing over the Internet

If your printer’s network is open in public, anyone including cybercriminals can access your company’s network. Set up your network settings to only accept commands from your company’s network router for your printer. Depending on the model of your company’s printer, you can disable network printing in different ways, such as by turning off wireless printing through the printer or computer registry settings. 

Authorized User Only 

Require employees to log in with a unique username and password or PIN, and remind them to keep this information confidential. Make it mandatory for employees to sign in using a unique username and password or PIN when using office equipment, and remind them to keep this information private and never share it with others.

The Final Say

With rising cybersecurity risks, ensuring printer security is essential. Remember that a printer copier is essentially a computer with vast amounts of important information. By following these 5 tips, you can safeguard your company and business data.

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