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When to Upgrade your Copier?

Either you’re running a small office or a medium to a large one, I bet a great quality copier is one of the important investments of every business. A copier’s lifespan ranges between 3 and 5 years long, but some offices, mostly running small businesses, are hesitant to make an upgrade on their copier. 

You might ask, “why would I want to upgrade my copier if my copier still works? If you’re hesitant to upgrade your machine too, here are some of the signs on when to upgrade your copier:

No Longer Suits Your Needs

As technology innovation rises, the demand for efficient and quality office machines rises as well. Old copiers tend to be slow, and it surely affects your productivity which causes frustrations. Nowadays, a lot of new machines are compatible with applications and AirPrint. 

New Innovation of copier machines can now connect to Wi-Fi. It can scan emails, attachments, etc. Because of these new features, business owners and even individual users believed that it’s worth an investment. 

Time saver & Cost-Effective 

Frustrated waiting for your file to be printed out? Always on a repair? If yes, it’s time for you to upgrade your copier. Old launched copiers tend to be slow in printing files or even making a copy. And in order for you to offer a competitive work advantage, your office needs an edge from wherever it can get. 

One of the best features of new copiers nowadays is being a Multifunction Printer which means that it can digitally do all. MFP machines can scan files, make prints, copy, fax, and even make punch holes and staples. 

Copier Leasing Services in Atlanta can save your money and time and improve work productivity. 

Improving Quality 

You were considering that in order for you to have either quality prints, faster scanning of files, and copy release, an upgrade must also be considered. New copiers often come with new features that help you better manage your documents. 

Upgrading your copier can improve the overall quality of your material, such as color printers. Copier Leasing Services in Atlanta produce higher quality files or photos than the usual print quality, and it saves a lot of money too. 

Less the Maintenance, The Better

Upgrading for better quality prints means replacing the older copier that you have. Some old copiers issues are paper jams, inks, print quality, and these tend to be a pain in the ass and cause frustration.

When these copier issues occur, you don’t have a choice but to call someone who can fix the errors. However, upgrading to a new and improved copier will also improve the functionality of it. 

This also means that the less maintenance your copier may have, the less you are going to spend a lot of money fixing it. 

Say No to Unauthorized Usage

Some of the innovative copier machines come with security features primarily designed to prevent unauthorized usage. This kind of copier includes memory storage and usage patterns features that help you to identify which users are often using your copier. 

There are also new copiers that include features that encrypt and protect the stored data from your hardware. 

Do you know now when to upgrade your old, slow, and less productive copier? If yes, go to Copier Leasing Services in Atlanta and consider buying new for an upgrade you’ll never regret!

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