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3 Best Features of HP Color Laser MFP 179fnw

With the leading company in technology nowadays, Hewlett Packard company releases its innovative devices in different types. Copier Leasing Services in Atlanta, from computers and to now their known photocopier machines. One of their outstanding and well-rated photocopier devices is their brand HP color laser MFP 179fnw. 

There is a lot to say about this device with boosting efforts to make it an excellent investment in every house and office. To better know its features, here are the three best-known qualities of the machine.

1. Magnificent settings

The built-in settings of the device are just so magnificent. It can copy original texts with a maximum of 999 copies in one push button. It can enlarge and reduce texts or images from 25 to 400% of its size. With the enlargement settings, you need not use photo applications to edit or enlarge the text. Two-color mixing settings power it. It has 6.5B, which prints mono or one-color mode, and 6.1B, which prints the color mode. Customers often use the 6.5B to copy black-colored texts while the 6.1B for printing-colored texts or photos. Some may find inconvenience with the small LCD of the device. However, with the small buttons, it offers, so it’s easy to manage the settings. Unlike other printers that have 5-inch screens, this device is easy to handle with easy viewing on its LCD. Also, you may try to look at its bigger viewing through the webserver it offers.

2. Mobility

One of the reasons why some preferred this device is because of the convenience it offers. It is the smallest photocopier which weighs 31 lbs or at least 14 kgs and measures 13.6 X 16 X 14.3 inches. With such weight and small size, it becomes so handy and easy to mobilize. Another thing is the connectivity it offers is through wireless via internet connection. Though, some still preferred the use of USB ports, ethernet cable or flash drive, or SD card entry. However, coming in handy shape is one of the assets of this device. Anyone connected to a wireless connection in this device can print using their smartphones. This device is united with Apple Air print, Google cloud print, direct printing: Moria TM, and applications that can be downloaded in the mobile apps store. Thus, printing in smartphones is within reach through this innovation.  

3. Performance

It may not be the speediest device for photocopying and printing. However, the speed it boosts is still not to undermine. It can copy colored texts of 4 ppm while the black can speed copying to 18 ppm. The great performance it can be proud of is the resolution of the texts or images it prints. It has a very high resolution of up to 600 X 600 dpi.

The memory of the device is one of the aspects every customer tries to check when buying. The memory capacity of this device is as huge as 128 Mb. When using this device, customers should not get worked up, as the fax performance can memorize up to 400 pages with a resolution of 300 X 300 dpi. Because of the speedy fax transmission rate of 33.5 kbps, it can produce a maximum of 100 fax speed dials. With that, little effort is needed to check your faxes now and then. 


HP Color Laser MFP 179fnw is a laser-type printing device. Laser printers use the beam of lights to produce printed copies. It has worked in our technology since the year 1969. Copier Leasing Services in Atlanta, with innovations like HP Color Laser MFP 179fnw, I hope that this little device will make a stand in our home and office jobs.

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