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4 FAQ Before Leasing The Right Copier

Having a copier in your business can boost how your business runs. A great copier can automate some manual tasks and allow your employees to concentrate on tasks that have an impact on your bottom line. Buying a new or used copier can be a stressful task. One of the best strategies for simplifying the process is working with a reputable local firm. You can also settle for a unique copier model. 

Here are some questions that you can ask when selecting a copier:

What tasks will the copy machine perform?

Each business has a list of tasks that a copier must perform. These tasks can range from copying, printing, faxing, binding, stapling, and scanning to saddle stitching. When you choose a high-quality, modern copy machine, you can automate all these tasks. Your list should have both must-have features and desired features. For instance, the ability to print is a must-have feature while saddle stitching is ideal but not necessary. This list will help you in determining the ultimate configuration and the amount that you need to invest in the office equipment. 

What production capacity do you need?

Capacity and production aspects can be assessed based on warm-up time, the speed of printing, and paper capacity. A copier that takes a lot of time to warm up can significantly slow down the workflow in your office. Nowadays, modern machines are made to reduce this important operation. Most high-quality copiers can hold more than 1,000 sheets of paper while others have 3000 sheets of paper capacity. This high capacity allows copiers to produce more than 100,000 copies each month. 

When it comes to printing speed, it is best to go for copiers that have a production rate of not less than 35 copies per minute. If you have massive production capacity needs, it is best to look for quality copiers that can produce more than 85 copies per minute. 

What type of network capabilities do you need?

The type of copier that you select for your business can have a substantial impact on productivity and workflow, particularly in a high copy-volume setting. If your office has a lot of employees using the same copier, go for copy machines that have wireless networking ability. While identifying a networking option that suits your business needs, do not forget to consider data security. Make sure that your information is secure when sending documents or scanning to the printer by buying or leasing copiers

How many copy machines does your business need?

The number of copies that your business needs will depend on factors like the number of workers that uses the copier and the volume of copies that the copier produces on a regular basis. If your monthly production is massive or you notice long lines at your office copier, it is time to purchase or lease a new one. If your employees have to roam through a series of rooms or cubicles or move to another floor, you need to purchase a new copier and position them in places within your building that is convenient for everyone. 

Should you buy a copier or lease one?

Buying a copier may be your first thought, but you also need to consider your budget. Not all businesses can afford to purchase a new copier right away. If you think you can’t buy a copier yet, then you can always lease one. Leasing a copier helps you take a holistic view of your printer needs. Usually, this means that the leasing cost is tied up with costs for toner, paper, and maintenance so that businesses get an all-in-one package for their lease. 

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