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Copier Lease Agreement Terms To Be Fully Aware

Leasing copiers come with complicated lease terms many lessees usually ignore. I mean, who enjoys reading agreement terms, right? Still, when it comes to leasing copiers, you shouldn’t sleep on your agreement clauses. In many places, it is not common for people to have that much knowledge of their copier lease terms. Now, that has to change. Below are three copier lease agreement terms to have a full understanding of, so you don’t end up with a bad lease:

Lease Duration

It is always important to know the full terms of how long you’re going to be having that leased copier. This can be two to five years, so think of the weight of that. Knowing the full terms corresponding to whichever duration you pick is important. That defines how your monthly or quarterly payments are going to be adjusted for your convenience.

You have to clarify everything about this with your dealer. That way, you can reevaluate whether your company can commit to such a copier lease length or not. You also get to have a better financing deal out of it.

This is truly a small yet wise business move to remember taking. Not all consumers have the initiative or mindfulness to inquire about these little yet vital lease matters. If you are one entrepreneur who wants the best for your company, you should keep this tip in mind.

You don’t want to wind up bringing a copier to the office, signing up on a 24-month contract only to need it for a month or two.


There are a lot of copier lease Atlanta dealers that provide a wide range of financing methods. This makes room for enough leasing access for businesses. However, it is not enough to know just how much you need to pay for the required periods of time. You have to calculate how much those payments are going to amount to in total. Why? It is because if copier leasing is your answer to office thrift, you have to make sure it really is that solution.

We all know how some instalment plans tend to sound cheap but in reality, are just as costly as buying. You should assess your copier lease offers then. Make sure that the bills required to be paid are just right for your office budget. You don’t want to ruin the whole point of going for a copier lease now, do you?

It is also necessary for a businessperson to check the summary of all the bills they have to pay. For example, does the billing include maintenance services, copier supplies, etc.? Are there any hidden charges that may just jump out and ambush your funding? You have to really inspect all those possible billing anomalies. It is for the good of your company.

Once you have signed your lease agreement, you would not really have many ways out anymore. All you would be able to do is deal with the contract rather painfully in a financial sense. Now, no business is deserving of such stress. You are leasing a copier for a better workflow, not an additional work burden. Let that sink in.

Warranty Services

Copiers are not just simple operating machines for your business. They are complicated devices that may or may not easily break into the hands of normal office employees. Having that said, it is then just reasonable to make sure your lease offers a warranty. Some dealers may not have this, and that is what exactly you have to check. If you think you are stable enough to deal with a no-warranty lease, never mind checking. Still, if you are not much of an expert with machines like many of us, please keep this in mind.

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