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Office Management Techniques: How To Control Your Colored Printing Costs

Have you recently noticed the increase in the cost of printing that the office is spending on? Although it does not have a direct link with the profit the company makes, the goal is to always keep it to a minimum. After all, ballooning overhead costs could bring about serious problems in the finances of the company. You just want to make sure that you can save on the areas of the operations where it is possible to spell out savings without affecting the quality of products or services that you offer.

Implementing a good policy on the printing of documents and copies should be in place. Many offices fail to do so. Oversight of such waste produced concerning the documents in the office could mean creating wastes in more ways than one. The use of the toner and the paper will directly affect the profit if not controlled properly. When the printing policy is set in place, all the printing that is done in the office is regulated. Nobody could print what they want when they want it especially when it is not related to their work at the office work.

The cost of these unwanted printouts could add up and could mean profit loss in the long run. Is a Copier Lease Atlanta alternative possible? First, let us cut costs in the office, here are some tips that could help:

Draft a printing policy.

What is a printing policy? It is a set of rules concerning the document printed in the office. It is put in place by the management for all the employees to follow. There may be a need to draft a different printing policy for various departments in the office. Their printing needs must be considered at all times. Print policies may include the restrictions concerning the use of the coloured inks of the printer. You may also enforce a double-sided printing rule to help save on paper. Usually, when printing policies are in place, the printing cost is reduced by at least 10%.

Set the printer defaults.

The defaults are the quickest way to get everyone to follow the policy. When the printer defaults will only print black and white or when they are set to double-sided printing, everyone in the office will be required to follow the rule. Different printer settings can also apply to different offices. Setting the default is easy to do. Keep in mind that most printers make it easy for you to put in defaults. Everything you need to know is written in the manual. Take a moment and read through. You’ll be surprised at how much savings you can get out of it.

Consider a manager for printing documents.

It doesn’t have to be an entire office of managers. You only need someone you can trust to do the printing for every office. Apart from making sure that the technology is used just right, you can also protect your printer as it is considered an asset of the company. End users will eventually enjoy the benefits of having a manager in the documents that they are printed. Not only are the documents printed on time, but they are also kept confidential when they need to be.

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