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Leasing Plotters Atlanta: 3 Best Large Format Printers 2018


How much are you willing to pay to get your work printed out in the best quality? Whether you are a graphic artist who wants to display your work or an engineer who spent hours on a plan, you need to have those graphics printed out.

Ordinary printers will not be able to provide this service well because they can only cater to specific paper sizes. You need to have the plotters do the job for you. Depending on the budget that you are allocating for it, you can always rely on the leasing plotters Atlanta professionals for the job.

Plotters can provide print outs in large formats. Multifunction copiers may provide so many features but not this huge of a print. You can choose the sheets, the size, and the texture that best suits the design and the quality you are looking for in your output. If the company is not yet ready to purchase a plotter for the printing jobs, you can have one from the leasing companies. There are a lot of good models to choose from.

Canon Pixma iX6820

Canon has been providing printing machines which can deliver extremely good quality. This model is expected to be able to produce as large as 13×19 inches. If you are looking for a printer for oversize pictures but wanting it at a lower price, here is the one for you. It has some sacrifices though; it does not come with scanning features. Adding this feature may cause the price to soar up and also add more on the actual size of the machine. However, even without scanning ability, the great quality prints will not disappoint you.

HP Pro 750dw

This giant machine was created primarily to produce prints in really huge papers. It houses a huge paper tray and a paper path to accommodate the sheets as it stands 14.2×17.6×21.7 inches and weighs at 82 pounds. You may say it is a little oversized, but HP says it is the right size for the printing job expected from it. One thing that makes it “light” to work with is that it offers wireless connectivity. It means anyone can manage and control their prints using their smart devices.

Brother MFC-J5930DW

If we are talking about good quality duplex printing, then this is the machine for you. The model is capable of holding as much as 600 sheets on its tray and can do the two-sided scanning functionality. What is good about it as well is you can split your paper supply depending on your needs. For example, you need really good paper quality prints to be distributed to the market while you need copies for your employees. You can achieve this without costing you much. You can supply the paper tray with the different papers you need and with the ADF you can control the printing. You get your huge printouts done in a cost-efficient way.

There are models which can get a printing job done at 5000 square feet per hour or more. It depends on the needs of your printing jobs, you can always have the right machine for you from copier leasing Atlanta companies.

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