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How To Take Care Of Printers?

One important way of ensuring your machines are working at its optimum capacity is to perform preventive maintenance. Definitely, it will keep the machine in good running condition while providing quality output. Conducting regular maintenance cleaning and inspection from printers maintenance services professionals will not only ensure that quality is preserved but also extend the life of your printer. In the end, it will give you a peace of mind knowing that all the time, your machine will perform at its maximum potential; thus, increasing your business productivity.

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Amongst maintenance service providers, business owners prefer to hire competent professional technicians to attend to their printers. However, finding the right team can be quite an exhausting task.

The way experienced team works makes the visits pleasing and comfortable. Generally, part of the team’s task is to provide education on proper handling and care of the machine, which should be a basic knowledge training for every business owner. The lack of knowledge about the machine can lead to early signs of wear and tear that is more likely to lead to bigger problems. Users of the machine must be well-informed on how it is operated and perform basic check to identify possible problems. Paper jams and poor imaging of the output, for instance, can be attributed to improper use of the machine.

It does not matter if you are using an inkjet, laser, dot matrix or a thermal type of printer, preventive maintenance is required to prolong the life of the machine. Laser printers, however, require tedious maintenance service as it contains more details like fuser, filters, and static eliminator teeth. Each of these parts must be inspected spot on.

Basic cleaning and safety check.

Before cleaning, unplug the printer and let it cool down for an hour because touching a hot fuser may burn your skin. Laser printers are using toners with minute particles that easily get mixed in the air and inhaled, so wear a mask to avoid inhaling any dust and toner particles. It is also best to open the windows of the room and turn off the AC unit or any fan when cleaning the printer. You can use gloves to avoid toner particles from contacting your skin directly.

Clean every part thoroughly.

Do not forget to turn off the machine and unplug it completely. Remove the parts such as the paper trays and toner cartridge. Using a fine-bristled brush, start by gently brushing dust off from the paper trays then further into the interior compartment but use toner vacuum this time. Use a toner cloth to wipe the toner cartridge and a cotton swab with alcohol on the delicate wires.

The exterior part of the printer must be wiped clean with a dry cloth or a microfiber duster. Remember, not use any ammonia-based solution to clean any part of the printer. Make sure to wipe the exterior of the printer every time the toner is changed.

The task of maintaining the printer may not be anyone’s priority, but it is vital to include this on your to-do list. A printer down-time stops productivity, while exponentially spreading stress around the work area. Regular inspection from printers maintenance services experts ensures the business is running properly.