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Why is a Plotter Better Than a Printer?

As a person who encounters technology every day, it is no longer a surprise when you look for a printer whenever you need to create hard copies for your documents. By typing a few keys on your keyboard, you can now have as many copies of your document as you want. They have always been a must-have in a lot of households and offices. They make your job easier when you have projects or presentations that need to have a copy.

But did you know that there is a printer known as a plotter? If you do, then you also know what its functions are and how to use it. If not, you can keep on reading to be able to know what this plotter mentioned.


It is a printer category that takes a series of commands from the computer to create drawings using various pens on paper. They are used to produce hard copies of large designs and even graphs. The papers they use are construction maps, business charts, and many more. 

It can be an additional component to your computer system, or you can use it as stand-alone equipment to use whenever you need it. It has an internal processor that is solely used by itself. It might be slower than a printer in producing hard copies, but it can draw lines from one point to another continuously at the same time. They are usually used by professionals that specialize in architecture, drawing, and engineering.

The files it can read differ from what a printer can read. Some of the files it can read are DWG, CDR, and vector formats. The software they use is also different, like Adobe Illustrator, Corel, Flex, and CAD. Some examples of plotters are drum plotters, flat plotters, and electrostatic plotters.


External hardware used in producing hard copies. They have a wide variety that customers can choose from. They vary in cost, speed, quality, and size. Compared to the plotter, their printing speed is faster. But unlike the plotter, they can only print each time in a single line.

They are used to printing hard copies using paper as a medium. You can use whatever kind of paper you want as long as you adjust the commands in your computer to have the best quality printout for your documents. They are also cheaper compared to the plotter. They read PDF, JPG, and the usual file formats. The software it uses is photoshop and an editing platform that you can usually see and download online.

Examples of printers are laser printers, inkjet printers, and LED printers. Finding the right equipment is always a good advantage when it comes to good quality outputs. They can add an edge to your projects and presentations to catch a client’s eye. Both types of equipment need a command from the computer, but they read a different kind of format when printing. The same can be said for the software they are using to create, edit and print their outputs.

So if you are specializing or planning to specialize in the fields mentioned above, you can consider the plotter you might encounter and use in the future. They might be more expensive than the usual printer you have been using, but they can guarantee a higher quality when producing output for your specialized field of studies. So what are you waiting for? Visit the nearest store that offers this kind of printer to see the difference for yourself and see how it can transform your designs into something extraordinary.

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