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What Do You Get with an Office Printer Lease?

Leasing is a helpful way of acquiring machines or equipment without spending a considerable sum upfront. It allows businesses to pay the cost at monthly intervals but with an extra interest at a contracted percentage. This is very helpful, especially for small businesses who only started their journey. It will benefit them in the long run because they only have enough funds to manage finances, and it does not include the outright purchase of a machine. Here are some pointers on what you can get with an office printer lease.

Upfront Money Saver

As mentioned, leasing printers save you money upfront, which is very beneficial to businesses as they can make a purchase even without complete payment of the total price. For this case, companies pay it at regular intervals depending on the contract, which incurs additional interest. With this, the business can budget funds for other necessary things needed on the premises.


Leases are budget-friendly. It allows the finances of a company to breathe since payments are controlled at a manageable rate. Because of that, businesses have options to focus their finances on other necessary things like internet connection upgrades, space renovations, machine upgrades, and more. Although leasing is more expensive in totality than its actual price, the benefits you can get from leasing make up for it. Aside from saving money upfront, it allows the business to maintain a safe financial standing.

Upgrade Continuity

It is a fact that technology these days is improving so fast that new tech is so quickly outdated. The same applies to printers. When a business buys a printer for about 4 to 6 years, it will require some necessary updates to be with the times. Upgrades are a separate expense, and that is expensive too. However, if the business leases the printer, upgrades are included in the contract. It assures the industry the continuity of upgrades with no extra fees in play. This is a great benefit that you can get when you lease a printer.

Repairs are easier

Sometimes, when you need technical help with printers, they have a service centre that can help you. However, some of these are very slow in responding. Since the equipment is still not fully paid in a lease, repairs are quickly done once problems occur. They do this because of the risk of returning the equipment because of some errors.


As businesses grow, so do taxes. There is this so-called Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) when acquiring equipment. Companies pay AMT when they buy equipment outright. However, leasing displays an absolute difference. When a company leases equipment, it is not recorded as acquired equipment subject to depreciation but as an extra expense. That way, taxes are out of the frame, and the business can worry no more.


In general, leasing printers is a very nice choice a company can opt for. Most of today’s businesses even choose to lease printers rather than buy one outright. That is because renting a printer has more benefits to offer than buying one. As more and more small businesses open, leases become a primary choice. Who would not want to lease if you can save tons of additional costs and save it for other necessities? All-in-all, leasing is a perfect choice for small businesses and is a great deal for big ones. If your company plans to lease a printer, check this site for more info to get to know the values. There are many to choose from, and leasing couldn’t be more accessible.

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